Normal performance which was accepted, and sufficient yesterday is no longer valid and qualifies even for you to be in the race. How can you make yourself a super performer, a go to person in the industry with wider understanding of the dynamics and imperatives of the industry and equipped with right practices, techniques and tools needed to face the challenges of tomorrow? A question that you always had in your mind and tried different solutions available in the market such as MBAs, professional qualifications, and certifications. Aligning your team and getting them to do what you want them to do has also been a challenge always with the changes in market and consumer behaviours. The new world, new challenges and new technology demands a radically different way of approaching the issue at hand. Industries are trying out new thinking, new ways of doing things, new approaches sometimes alien to their industries.

Now you have the opportunity to enroll with the first ever customised Process Excellence program in the country. Invest your time wisely and become what you always have been dreaming of becoming. Manufacturing engineering customised to university students is a unique opportunity with 12 weeks comprehensive, 18 hours practical training with industry experts who have done the change and transformed themselves as super performers. Join the life changing journey towards performance, excellence, and contribution today by enrolling for the program.

Popular Q&A

  1. I’d like to know more details of this program?
    This is a Process excellence program for universities, offered by Apex institute of management services (AIMS)
  2. What is the content of Process Excellence?
    Everything from diagnosis to implementation under Process Excellence curriculum will comprehensively be covered.
  3. How long do I need follow this to get myself conversant and proficient of practices, tools, and techniques?
    Process Excellence Program is a 12-week online program with 18 hours of training.
  4. How do you do the student evaluation?
    There will be 6 weekly assignments to be completed during the program and final exam. You get 60% for your weekly assignments and 40% for the final exam.
  5. Do you provide any guidance and support for weekly assignments and final project?
    Yes, there is coaching in built to Process Excellence Program. Each student will be assigned to an experienced coach who will guide you through the assignments.
  6. Who are the facilitators of Process Excellence program?
    There is one lead facilitators assigned for the program with certified Lean and Industrial Engineering over 8 years industry experience in implementation.
  7. When are you staring the program and what would be my time investment for a week?
    You can always contact one of our Crew members on further details from the given number/Email. Each session is 3 hours on every Thursday from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm.
  8. How this program is going to help me in my career?
    Process Excellence program has carefully been designed after thorough analysis of management challenges of the industry today. The program is aimed at changing your mind set, thinking and paradigm through relevant principles, practices, and framework. Also, it will change your behavior through application of tools and techniques designed to do so.
  9. What will happen to me after the program?
    Your learning will not stop after the certification. You will be part of community of Process Excellence and there is a continuous professional development (CPD) designed to guide and coach you throughout your career.
  10. What values will this program add to my career progression?
    Your career progression is depending on how you perform in your organization and manage your team to raise the bar to the next level. Process Excellence program will provide you with the necessary concepts, principles, techniques, and tools to do that. Also, you will be provided coaching based on where you are in terms of your performance and your development as a performer.
  11. Will there be acceptance for this program/ accreditation in the Business?
    Results speak louder than the letter after your name, qualifications, and accreditations. Those are important to qualify for the race, but to win the race, you need proven, pragmatic methodology with the right mindset which is the purpose this program.
  12. How will I be transformed with my knowledge and exposure to Process Excellency?
    When you are exposed to right concepts and principles with evidence of results your way of thinking will change. Transforming you as an individual is key element of this program.
  13. What’s the difference between this program and other usual management related degree programs available in the market?
    Process Excellency tools are not an academic exercise limited to pour more information in to your head. It is a practical way of life that you need to adopt to change your mindset and improve your skills set by using appropriate tools set.
  14. I already have read for a Management Degree/ MBA. What’s the value for me in this program?
    Your education background supported with relevant industry experience provide you with the conceptual and intelligence capacity required to learn and apply Process Excellency in your workplace and be a super performer by contributing to business growth and your team development.
  15. Isn’t this more relevant to Manufacturing businesses, but not for service industry…?
    Process Excellency is a customized program for Business needs. It has been designed to address the current challenges of the industries.
  16. Should a regular manager in Cooperate world have the exposure to Process Excellence? Shouldn’t it be more relevant to managers involved in IT, Projects, Procurement, Process Management, etc.?
    Process Excellence methodology can be applied almost all the industries across the world. It is relevant and can be applied to any process. What you need is the right mind set to learn with open mind and enthusiasm to apply in workplace.
  17. My exposure is only to the general operational work, lending, customer service at a company. Will I be able to develop myself to hold higher responsibilities at higher managerial positions…?
    With the overall business understanding you get through this program make you qualified and ready to accept any challenge and any level. You will be highlighted to your superiors due to transformation that you have gone through and contribution you have made to your organization to thrive.


“The course is very applicable to the industry and I think there are endless opportunities”

During my time as a student of industrial engineering and process excellence certification, I have learned and seen the results of effective collaboration. Now I am using that to get the work done in my industrial career and the Application of the program also helped me to make effective changes in my work environment. There is no question that I would recommend this program to anyone who is keen to learn.

Sachin Weerasekara, Manufacturing Consultant – E&Y